It’s hard to believe that I (Aaron) am writing this, it seems like yesterday that we were packing our Uhaul, saying by to those we love and making our way to Louisville to begin the adventure of preparation for pastoral ministry and church planting.  It has been an experience we will never forget, and one that God will use to serve us for the rest of our lives personally and ministerially.

Packing and Preparation
Our family will be here in Louisville until the end of the month. During that time we will be packing and (Aaron) will be studying, writing and preparing to take the final written exam for Ordination.  We will arrive in Charlotte on July 27th, and we are very excited to be back in our home town.
Phase 2 Residency/Planning
During this next Phase, which Josh and I are calling Phase 2 of the church planting process, we will be involved in a year long residency program.   Below I have involved a short video that Josh and put together (actually Josh put it together, he makes me look good) that will give more details as to what that will look like.  Please take a few minutes to watch, we hope and pray that it serves in stirring your heart for the people of Wilmington that we feel called by God to reach one day soon with the gospel.
Living As If God is Real
“Your Father knows what you have need of before you ask Him” (Matthew 6:8)
In past blog post we have specified ways in which you could pray for us. Here are a couple of ways God has been faithful to answer.
  • God in His mercy gave a healthy baby boy, Knox is two months old already.
  • By Gods grace I graduated from the Pastors College.
  • For our marriage, God has given us much wisdom through our pastors here.  We are maturing in our communication and conflict resolution, forgiving as we have been forgiven.
  • God has provided a flexible 20 hour a week Job from a faithful brother, allowing me to participate in the residency program which will be the other 20 hours of the week
  • Even with felony convictions, God has once again in His kindness provided a home, at a very reasonable price….Grace upon grace.
  • Grace to persevere in the Christian walk, friends we haven’t left the saviors side, that must mean He’s hanging on to us.
Remaining Financial Needs
For the 20 hours a week that I will not be working, I will be raising support in order to provide for my family and cover ministry expenses.  This will provide ample time and space to make exploratory trips and make connections in Wilmington, and serve Josh as we prepare for the launch date in a little over a year. It also will give me the time to participate in the ministry at Crossway and learn pastoral experience from the seasoned pastors there. If everyone (we have not heard from everyone yet) who supported us this past year decides to continue supporting us through this next phase, we are prayerfully requesting 20 people to give $25 a month to meet the remaining need of our total $2100 monthly goal for our family of five. If you feel led by God to give monthly or one time?
Please click here.  Whatever you prayerfully decide, we are grateful!
If you feel that you would like to join with us as partners in the gospel we would love to have you over for dinner or have coffee with you when we arrive in Charlotte in a couple of weeks.  Please let me know.  My email is, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.
Friends and family, thank you a million times over for your love, prayers and any contributions you have given over this past year.  And thank you for prayerfully considering moving forward with us in Phase 2.
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