We would like to thank you for all the many ways you have prayed for us while on this journey and for your ongoing commitment to continue to pray. We need it! Most of our requests probably aren’t too different from many other women. Please pray as the Lord leads you!

Above all else, we desire to love God and others. If your time to spend praying for us is brief, you can pray to that end! If you have a few extra minutes, below are some specific areas that you can use to help guide your prayers:


  • Growth in prayer lives and in Bible intake (reading, understanding, meditating, applying)
  • Greater faith and trust in God in all areas, but most significantly for provision and areas of fear and anxiety
  • Perseverance in the face of challenges
  • Contentment


  • Unity – celebrating each other’s unique gifts and avoid the snare to compare
  • Wise, experienced women to come alongside us in church planting that could serve as mentors to us
  • Boldness and courage, Gospel intentionality, mission mindedness
  • Wisdom to know how to best love, help, and encourage our husbands,


  • Our children as we undergo another transition and a new culture
  • Unity in our families and marriage
  • Discernment to know what our children need, spiritually and practically
  • Joy and patience as we serve our families
  • Current homeschooling endeavors and decisions regarding future schooling options


  • Selling of the Earl’s home, time and ease
  • Beane’s and Earl’s finding a place to live, preferably a home to buy
  • Aaron finding part time employment in Wilmington that could transition into full time after the first year of the church plant


Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to pray for us!

~Two Guys’ Wives~


(Andrea and Michelle)