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January 2018

Two Guys’ Wives: Ways You Can Pray For Us

We would like to thank you for all the many ways you have prayed for us while on this journey and for your ongoing commitment to continue to pray. We need it! Most of our requests probably aren’t too different from many other women. Please pray as the Lord leads you!

Above all else, we desire to love God and others. If your time to spend praying for us is brief, you can pray to that end! If you have a few extra minutes, below are some specific areas that you can use to help guide your prayers: Continue reading “Two Guys’ Wives: Ways You Can Pray For Us”

Loving Our Neighbors

Settings—Control Center—Do Not Disturb While Driving

Is it irony that I added the Do Not Disturb While Driving function to the “control” center of my phone since the whole reason I need to use the function is due to a personal lack of it [self-control]? I first learned of this smartphone function last year but at the time I did not really see my need to utilize it. I justified my temptation to distraction by using the “talk to text” feature. I would try to only get on my phone while stopped at red lights or when there were no cars in sight on a familiar road. Obviously my smartphone (and the makers of this little device named by Time magazine as “the single most influential gadget of all time”) knows me better than I know myself since this Do Not Disturb While Driving function was preprogrammed into it! Continue reading “Loving Our Neighbors”

Two Guys’ Wives

The bimonthly Sovereign Grace Church of Wilmington pastors wives meetings have commenced! Well, it’s just Michelle and I at this point but we have faith that God will be sending us other women to share in this sweet fellowship. I say “just” Michelle with extreme hesitation because frankly, if you know Michelle, you will walk away from any time spent with her encouraged and refreshed. We had been meeting once a month since settling back into the city our friendship was first established but desired to begin implementing a more frequent intentional time together for the benefit of our own souls, to the benefit of our husbands and children and to the benefit of SGCW! Of course mixed in with all the spiritual sharpening is a great deal of laughter that is inevitable when we are together – and you know as well as us that laughter is sweet medicine for the soul! Continue reading “Two Guys’ Wives”

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