The bimonthly Sovereign Grace Church of Wilmington pastors wives meetings have commenced! Well, it’s just Michelle and I at this point but we have faith that God will be sending us other women to share in this sweet fellowship. I say “just” Michelle with extreme hesitation because frankly, if you know Michelle, you will walk away from any time spent with her encouraged and refreshed. We had been meeting once a month since settling back into the city our friendship was first established but desired to begin implementing a more frequent intentional time together for the benefit of our own souls, to the benefit of our husbands and children and to the benefit of SGCW! Of course mixed in with all the spiritual sharpening is a great deal of laughter that is inevitable when we are together – and you know as well as us that laughter is sweet medicine for the soul!

With the new year and yet again new seasons on the horizon, all while in the midst of various trails that God is using to chisel away at the crud in our hearts, we felt that it was deeply important for our souls to be watered by the faucet of community and friendship. Obviously the water comes from the well of the Living Water and in community we just have an opportunity to pour out what we have received and recieve what is being offered to us! Warming ourselves by the same fire (figurativeF2C28202-873E-4913-A594-9A825AC3F884 since Brakeman’s Coffee fireplace isn’t really lit) we can remind each other of God’s promises in times of fear or anxiety over the future and tell of God’s past faithfulness and current mercies. It’s a place we can bring into the Light the very things the enemy would have us tuck away into the secret places of our hearts and intentionally hold the Word of God up to spur one another onto good works and maturity.  We can pour out grace when the other is heavy laiden with burdens or sorrow. We can pray specifically for each other, our children and our husbands as they head into church planting and pastoral ministry. And it’s an opportunity to just cut up and laugh our faces off!

We truly desire to begin implementing things now that we know would serve SGCW later. It’s “just” Michelle and I at this moment but we look forward to our times together including more women. We are praying that God would already be working in the hearts of some experienced and wise women, and their husbands, who would join our church plant launch team! (We need YOU!) Once we settle in Wilmington, in addition to our regular times together where we care for one another we hope to begin having a separate time that serves as a means of missions to ladies in the community! It is here we forsee opportunity to invite other ladies to taste and see that the Lord is good. We will have the chance in this setting to get to know others, pray for them, find and meet needs and ultimately point others to Christ!

It was during our time at the Pastors College in Louisville that the habit of “intentionality” was given special attention to, beyond just ideology. And as we moved to Charlotte for the residency it was reiterated and modeled yet again. It really is a part of the DNA of our family of churches and it’s one of the things we want to take with us and cultivate, from the beginning, at Sovereign Grace Church of Wilmington!

Currently, Michelle and I are going through a blog series by Melissa Kruger called Three Questions to help guide our times together between catching up, praying and cutting up! Already my faith has been stoked by the fire of our fellowship around Christ! My excitement for the future, despite so many unknowns, grows each time we are together. Already we are thinking about ways we can be a light in the spheres of influence and contexts God has created for us as wives and mothers although we know that our primary ministry is to our families and it really is a place we can have the greatest eternal impact. Michelle is going to write more about that and some specific ways we are feeding our souls for personal growth and for the purpose of loving others well in our next post from Two Guys Wives! We are praying, that as the Lord leds and as we have time and space, that we can use this means of media to inform our friends and family what’s happening in our lives, for the encouragement of one another and to increase your faith as we give all glory to God, to Whom glory belongs! And please, along the way…we beg of your grace because we have a lot to learn!

Thanks for loving us, encouraging us and praying for us along the way!

~Two Guys’ Wives~2BC6DE39-4071-4BBD-8579-D23FDEFFAD23

(AKA Michelle and Andrea but more frequently referred to as Mom, Mommy, Mom, Momma, MOMMY!!!)

Specific ways you can pray for Two Guys’ Wives COMING SOON on the blog.

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