Hey there! We are the Beane’s. My name is Andrea, and that handsome man in the picture: that’s my husband Aaron. The two littles are Salem and Titus. Load’s of personality in those two precious kids.

Thank you for visiting our blog! This is our first, so we are just “getting our feet wet” in the blogosphere.

Aaron and I (Andrea) met in May 2000 when we were just eighteen years old. Never in a million years would either of us have guessed our lives would be as they are now (nor would anyone else for that matter). But here we are. Serving God. Raising kids. Loving each other. And desperately desiring to see God move in the lives of others as He did in ours. God had a plan for us way before we were even born and that plan has never changed. Even when we were far from God, loving our sin, He knew He was going to use all our junk for our good and His glory. He is a good God. Merciful and Mighty.

Our prayer is that by God’s grace we would honor the Lord, show people who Jesus is and what He has done as we strive to lovingly serve others wherever He calls us. We invite you to enjoy our blog, not to spotlight our story, but for the joy of seeing and savoring the story God is telling through all of us. He is worthy!!!