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I (Andrea) have been asked more than a few times, “What do you think about all this?” The “this” I am referring to is a very uncertain, in some regards, direction for our family. One that includes quitting our jobs (and I LOVE my job!), selling our house in a neighborhood we enjoy, letting go of things that bring us comfort and security, saying goodbye to friends we hold dear to our hearts, and moving farther from our family who mean the world to us. All this as part of a process for Aaron to prepare and train for pastoral ministry and eventually, Lord willing, plant a church in a place that is lacking a gospel witness and to share Christ with those who may not know Him and to serve a people that want to know Him more. It’s a big “this”. I know. We have been praying about it for over a year. I never would have expected to even be thinking about “this” let alone moving towards doing something like “this”! Honestly, it’s scary and overwhelming. We feel very inadequate in ourselves and the steps from here to there seem ginormous! But you know what else it is? It’s exciting! It’s faith building! And it’s humbling that God would use people like me and Aaron who vividly remember the darkness of our lives before Light shined in and showed us Himself. There is so much joy in serving God and being obedient to what He is calling us to but if I am real- some days when I stop and think about all the challenges that are ahead I ask myself, “Are you crazy?!” And depending on whom you inquire about our circumstances they may say, “Yes! She has lost her mind!” But here is what I really believe, by the grace of God, in the depths of soul…

I believe God is faithful. I see it all throughout His Word, through the testimonies of His people and I experience it on a daily basis. I almost have to stop typing here because when I consider the faithfulness of God my soul overflows with such joy that tears overtake my eyes.

I believe God is a loving Father and that he cares for our well-being…spiritually speaking especially. And that He has good gifts for us…His children.

I believe God will provide for us. We may not have all our hearts desire but He will give us what we need. He has already provided the ultimate provision in Jesus, may I remember the eternal value of that in times of plenty and in times of want.

I believe God saved Aaron and I both out of a pit of darkness— forgiving us of so much by grace through faith in Jesus—and that He wants us to tell others of this gift.

I believe God has called Aaron to pastoral ministry with all my heart and I support him. Through prayer, counsel and a united sense that God is calling us I have desire to go wherever God sends us (even if it’s a cold—FREEZING—big scary city).

I believe God is leading us and that he will go before us, behind us and that He will never leave us or forsake us. He will protect us. And really, what is this body anyways? My soul is assuredly and eternally protected because of Christ’s death on the cross.

I believe God can use us anywhere, even here in Charlotte, but I trust He is going to increase our faith in Him through this process as we have to depend on Him in ways we never have had to before. It is totally in the hands of the Lord. As hard as it is to go, sometimes He calls us to go and I want to be sensitive and willing to go wherever He is leading.

I believe that what may seem insurmountable to us is NOTHING for God. He is not constrained by statistics or human logic. I mean….He SPOKE the world into existence and raised Christ from the dead… can I lose sight of His power? It’s all around me!

I believe God uses the weak things of this world—the things and people that may not seem like the smartest, wealthiest, most qualified or most skilled—so that HE gets the glory.

I believe that heaven is real and I want to see the faces of all those I love when I get there. Faces of every soul we get to share the love of God with as we step out in faith.

I believe. Lord, help my unbelief!

I need your encouragement and your prayers now more than ever friends. I need to be reminded. Please remind me when the waves rise and I feel I am in over my head. Remind me of who God is—that He is sovereign in ALL things… that He is loving….wise….all-knowing….all-powerful. That He has a purpose for anything that He allows into our lives. Remind me that its not about me, it’s about Him. His glory. His kingdom. Remind me that these are things I CAN be certain of…I can be certain of God.

Not my will but yours, Lord.