The last few months have been a whirlwind, chaotic and uncertain at times, but wrapped in an abundant amount of God’s grace. Aaron and I feel so undeserving to be where we are right now, the least likely of ones to be here. We are completely overwhelmed with what we get to see God doing first hand. There are so many of you who have made this all possible with your prayers, encouragement, sacrificial giving of time or money (or a car!!!) and hospitality! I can start this update in no other way than by thanking you and giving glory to God who truly does more than we ask, think or imagine.

So much has happened since we stepped out into this personally uncharted territory of pastoral training, missionary living, and Lord willing, church planting. I can’t share absolutely all that God has been doing over the last few months because I just don’t have the time to go through every detail. I want to. I really, really want to because God deserves the praise and I am just so darn thankful I want to shout! In a good way.

As most of you know we sold our house rather quickly and sent most of our stuff to a PODS storage facility from June 26 until August 12 when we would move to Louisville. We stayed with a few family members during that period of time but largely we stayed in a furnished basement (with its own oven, fridge, bathroom and washer and dryer!). Anyone with small kids knows this was a huge blessing and much more than what we had expected during that transition time. I had an entire calendar created of who and where we would be from June to August – I think it was like 8 different places in all. I had just come to terms in my heart that that time would be “an adventure” and I really had no idea how I was going to work through groceries, packing lunches, making dinners and bathing routines with each family we would stay with since our schedules were so crazy during that time. But God already knew…it was like He wanted me to let go of control and just trust him with even those details and once I just submitted to His will He ended up doing way more than I thought he would. Not only that but God knows what we will need way more than we do. I didn’t know just how busy we would be in that transition time and having a consistent place to stay was a huge blessing. Especially with the conveniences it gave us to still buy groceries and do laundry and keep the kids on a semi schedule of sorts. Additionally, we had some storage space at the home we were staying. Storage space we didn’t realize we needed until the day prior to moving out. God knew. We ended up having to get rid of many things (including the baby crib which was an unexpected hard parting that brought upon some tears in the midst of it all). The PODS was smaller than what we imagined and there was more stuff in the garage than what we thought! If we EVER have a garage again remind me to NEVER let it get that packed again! Thanks to our friends who graciously opened up their home to us for this time. You were such a blessing to us all. Our love for you grew in that time as you opened your hearts to us as well.

Our transient time was full of so much joy and a unique sadness that some relationships would inevitably be changed going forward as life often only allows us to cross paths with some for a season. We shared meals or coffee with so many different people that we have shared life with over the years. People that have been such a blessing to us. Kind words were spoken to us, prayers were prayed over us, affirmation and blessing was given and hugs were exchanged (some people got like 18 hugs within 15 minutes of trying to say “goodbye” or they got one of those awkward really long “I can’t let go because you will see me ugly cry” faces – which was totally Aaron, not me). I was blessed to have my lady coworkers join me for one last lunch on my last day. It was such a sweet moment for me to scan down the table and see all their smiling faces. I felt very loved. I said goodbye to my “boss” who had truly become a friend over the five years that I worked as her administrative assistant. I said goodbye to some truly wonderful friends, some that had only entered my life a short time before we left. And family….which I know we will see again (blood ties and all) but there was just something that was so hard about knowing I could not attend my nieces choir concert or dance competition like I could before. Knowing I would not be a short drive from those who HAVE to love me. 😉 Those I love so dearly really. (Shout out to my peoples!) I’m sure you can imagine the mixed emotions we must have been experiencing. To know that God has called you to something and by His grace He is making the path for it to happen, despite our unworthiness, despite our unlikeliness….despite our inadequacies….it’s something.  Something that just fills us with so much joy and excitement. We want to give our lives away to the One who gave us life. To think, 10-13 years ago Aaron and I were living completely for ourselves, doing whatever it took to get high or drunk (or whatever else we wanted) – lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating. I personally hated God and thought anyone who used the name Jesus in any other way than taking His name in vain, was in a cult. God’s grace extends to the greatest of sinners. No one is beyond his reach. No one. Not only that, He can and will use whomever He chooses to accomplish His purposes on Earth. Even ex-felons, drug addicts and alcoholics! Maybe especially people like us.

Okay I got on a huge tangent. Sorry. At this point, the kids are in bed and Aaron is studying his Greek and I just finished a bowl of ice cream and want to pump out an update about our family but then God’s mercy and goodness “take me away” and I get off track. Or did I?

Okay, so back to Charlotte. So, right before we move we get a call from one of our very dear friends asking Aaron if he had some time to chat….Aaron went over to their house and we got the most unbelievable blessing. One reason it was so unbelievable was that it was a blessing given to us from a place of love and self-sacrifice. Our dear friends wanted to give us their car in exchange for Old Betty. Aaron’s Explorer that was on her last leg. They knew we had some issues with it (I mean it was a 1997 with high miles…she done good for quite some time) and we were going to pull it to Louisville to try and get her to last through the school year. Did I mention the A/C didn’t work and the driver side door could not be opened from the inside? They knew this and gave us their car in much better condition with way less miles and an A/C that worked….and remember, it’s August in Charlotte- hot! Who does stuff like that? I still can’t wrap my mind around that! They love Jesus and us and they have shown us so much love over the last year and a half….given us such an example to take into whatever community we end up in. Thank you. You know who you are….moreover, God sees.

Louisville, Kentucky! Who ever thought we would be here. Be here doing what we are doing for that matter! God’s so big and His plans are so much bigger than us. We are getting settled into our apartment which has grown on me. At first I was a little disappointed that we were not with many of the other couples in the PC this year because of our inability to get approved at many apartments because of Aaron’s convictions. But I am seeing that God knew what he was doing. I have felt lonely from time to time since arriving and have been finding myself going to the well that never dries up to satisfy my heart and soul….and maybe if I were closer to “the gang” I would be tempted to go elsewhere to be filled up. Not only that but we have met two little fatherless boys (7 year old Roderick and 4 year old Ky) that could use some pouring into. There are many seminary students in our neighborhood but there are many families in great need also. God put us here. Just this past week we met a guy at a park around the corner who had three kids and just lost everything in a house fire….Aaron had an opportunity to encourage him and talk to him about the Lord. He was listening. Pray for Justin and his family.

A few days after our arrival Aaron and Josh took the only time they really had to do an exploratory trip to some cities that have been in discussion and prayer for church planting.  Sovereign Grace leaders have given us a list of places in the Mid-South region where they would like to see a church plant and our families are praying and seeking direction from the Lord as to where He would have us to plant. Please pray that God would show us exactly where he would have us go.


I know this post is getting super long but I figure those who love us are the only ones reading it anyways and so maybe you won’t mind?!

This past Thursday I got to meet all the other PC Wives for this year. There are twelve of us in all. They had a ladies luncheon in our honor and gave us gifts in the form of food, books, coffee mugs but most of all encouragement. I almost cried like 5011 times during our time together. I am so excited to grow with these ladies over the next year. The leadership and example of the ladies teaching and caring for us is so so so sweet and genuine and loving and real and full of so much grace and wisdom. And the ladies I’m locking arms with….just amazing women who love the Lord and people and just want to live for Christ. I have not felt one bit of “game face” from these gals. Not one bit. I can’t understand how I can love them all so much already. Maybe it is that I know to some degree what they are experiencing in this season of life. I know some things they also have given up. I know the heart behind the leap. I share this basket of emotions and roads of uncertain earthly destinations. I know this ache for what once was but burning excitement for what will be….and for what IS! Maybe it’s the same spirit that is in each of us that has knit us together…or that I prayed for God to give me love for these women starting months ago. I have been told from previous PC graduate wives that these friendships will remain for a lifetime. I’m so glad.

Saturday we had our family orientation. Amazing. The road will be challenging, I can tell. But I truly believe it will be the most transformative year in our walks with the Lord and in our marriages. The guys have their schedules (intense!!!) and we have all of our care group schedules. We have times each month we meet together as couples, and time the men will get together and times the ladies will be together….all intentional time. Everything happening in our lives right now (even the stuff that seems like a distraction, or a conflict or a trial… ALL is serving to work in our lives whatever it is God has planned in us and through us). Please pray for Aaron as classes begin. This is a whole new world to him and we could all use your prayers as he seeks to be faithful at home and in his studies!


It has been such a joy being near our dear friends and ministry partners and already we have had opportunities to serve each other…Aaron and I even had a date night!!

I tried to share some pictures in the beginning of the blog(and am trying to keep facebook up to date). I apologize for the grammatical mess that this post is….so so sorry my grammar friends. And sorry for the length and messiness of this post…I’m just thankful to have stolen a little bit of time to share!

We have one last update to share before I turn out the lights. We are having another baby. We found out Saturday after orientation. What a blessing! God’s timing and wisdom has proven to be the best all the time in everything. Why wouldn’t that be the case now?! We are rejoicing and asking for prayers. Prayers to trust God for provision and direction. And also for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. As most of you know I have had difficult pregnancies and complications in the past with miscarriages….we want to meet this little baby that God has given us!!!

Thank you for your love, prayers and support.

Let us know if we can be praying for you!

Love, The Beane’s